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Care.   Compassion.   Family.

Indian Oaks Assisted Living is in the heart of Largo, Florida

Our mission is simple: To provide a home for all.                                                                         We aim to SEIZE THE DAY by living our core values:

          We know how good it feels to be accepted, and to feel comfy. We want to share that feeling with new and old friends, alike.                                       We aim to be better:   We know we are human. We know there are good days and some bad. We will face the bad days by keeping a sense of humor and trying to be better.

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Welcome Home

We appreciate our differences:We are each unique, We come from different places and different experiences. Life has brought us together in this chapter and we will live it by listening to one another and appreciating our differences.

We will be flexible:Nothing in life is perfect. When we find ourselves struggling or frustrated we will be patient and work with each other to solve the problem.

Find out for yourself why Indian Oaks is the place to live. Enjoy a rich social life, safety, wellbeing, and compassionate assistance   24 hours a day.

Flora and Fauna

Thank you for welcoming Dad into the Indian Oaks Family with open arms. We appreciate all you have done to help make this transition as smooth as possible. We know we will be leaving him in good hands here.

Chyenne & Sherri Bidart
Family Members

Our mom has met many friends and enjoys the activities. We are fortunate to have Indian Oaks caring for her!

Judie Barrie
Resident's Family

You and your staff are to be congratulated. You kept us all safe, well fed and as comfortable as possible (after Hurricane Irma). Thank you so very much!

Edna Schleede

Thank you so much for making the last year of Helen Myers life content and comfortable. The out pouring of love and compassion for her seemed never ending. After 18 years of ALF, Memory Care Units and Nursing Homes I felt so at peace for both mother and myself after I found Indian Oaks. You are truly a family. God Bless!

Norma L
Resident's Family

Thank you so much for all the help my grandmother, Patricia Andrews. I know she really appreciates it, as do I.

Garth Morrisey
Resident's Family

I was an only child, navigating the challenges of caring for my aging mother after her diagnosis with ALZ/DEM and the ensuing journey inspired my philosophy for how we partner with residents and families to provide them a home to support their health and well being in the next chapters of their lives. Wherever you may be in the journey, come tour our home and talk with us about your needs, your preferences and we will share insights gained from years of personal and professional experience

Gloria Romero Roses

Our Services

Private Room

Private or Semi-Private Residences

  • Resident Call System with WanderGuard
  • Wireless Internet
  • Pet Friendly

Rehabilitation Onsite

Physical and Occupational Therapy

  • Onsite Rehabilitation Services
  • Home Health Services
  • Speech Therapy


  Mutliple Levels of Care

  • Medicine Management
  • Respite Care
  • Assistance with Daily Living
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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do you take Medicaid Diversion, Veterans Affairs or Waiver Programs?

Answer: Absolutely!

Question: How long does it normally take to move into your facility?

Answer: Typically it takes 7 business days.

Question: Do you have to bring your own furniture or are the rooms pre-furnished?

Answer: The units are pre-furnished but you can also bring items from home if you wish.

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